Established 1998

After graduating from Westwood High School in 1976, Brad C Clark was asked to come to work for his brother’s landscape company. The first day on the job his brother gave him a picture of a waterfall and said, “build it.” He learned a great deal from that experience and has continued training to increase his knowledge of creating waterfalls of all types.

After many years of learning the art of landscaping, Brad decided to start Brad’s Custom Landscaping, so he could take on some small landscape jobs on the weekends. As the side jobs became larger and larger, Brad decided to get his business and landscaping license so he could branch out on his own. He wanted his company’s name to reflect his vision of creativity, so in 1998 he changed the name and started Caribbean Dreams Landscapes. At this time he brought his son into the organization to learn the business. For the next ten years Brad and his team would add services and continue to hone their landscaping, waterfall, lighting, and other skills.

Today, Caribbean Dreams Landscapes has emerged as being the choice for discriminating residential clients in the Phoenix-metro area, focusing on providing a “resort style atmosphere” and a better overall quality of life, as well as offering full service maintenance services. Our reputation is linked to constant client satisfaction, appropriate and timely communication, and our commitment to the continual improvement of our knowledge and the advancement of the industry.