The Woes of Backyard Waterfall Repairs

A waterfall in the yard can be the source of much enjoyment, but when things go wrong, it can be the bane of your existence. Whether your waterfall is humongous or humble, troubles with your falls will feel big. We’re here to assure you that whatever woes you have with your waterfalls, ours have been greater!

One of the main issues with waterfalls is that there is SO much that can go wrong. There are pumps, linings, wiring, water and other parts that add up to a perfect storm of possibilities.  Some repairs you may be able to handle yourself, but many will require help from the professionals.

There are many types of waterfalls that people maintain on their properties and each has their own set of problems. We take a look at some here.

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Pool Waterfall Repairs

Waterfalls in pools have been the rage for quite some time now. As they become more commonplace, it seems they are getting more complicated and exuberant. Everyone wants to outdo the next! Unfortunately, with the added beauty often comes added complexity.

As with anything, more parts mean there more things that can go wrong. We’ve seen cracks, crumbles, puddles and some that are dry as a bone. Pool waterfalls present some problems that some others don’t.

What can go wrong with a pool waterfall?

A waterfall in your pool can help circulate the water, which will help keep it clean, when it fails, it can affect the functioning and chemistry of your pool. Depending on the issue, it can be a minor or major ordeal.

Another issue with pool waterfalls are calcium and mineral deposits. Typically you’ll see this mostly at the base of the fall and they can make it into the pool.

Pools need chemicals to stay clean and safe. Those same chemicals can corrode the support structures of the waterfall, whether that be natural or artificial rock.

The pumps can have a number of issues as well. Waterfalls can increase evaporation,which could lower your pool water below the skimmers. Also, if the pumps aren’t installed properly they can build up pressure along the pool wall. This can lead to leaks and even ruptures.

If your pool waterfall repairs are minor and you know what you are doing, you might be able to handle them yourself, but if you are unsure, call professionals in to be safe. Remember, there is plumbing and electricity involved with pools, so err on the side of caution.

Decorative Backyard Waterfall Repairs

Some folks like to have  a waterfall in their yard for strictly decorative purposes and who can blame them. These falls aren’t flowing into a pool, but will often end in a pond. Water features of this nature can be the source of endless pleasure.

The relaxing sound of water rustling is one of the most soothing sounds there is. When that sound isn’t emanating from where it should be as a result of a malfunctioning waterfall, it can be frustrating!

What problems can a backyard waterfall and pond have?

Providing perfect ambient noise and looking beautiful aren’t the only purpose waterfalls and ponds serve. They can be the homes to fish, plants and other creatures that depend on you to maintain them. Each backyard pond and waterfall is a tiny ecosystem in itself. If a problem occurs with the waterfall, it can trickle down to the rest of the ecosystem.

While you may not have humans swimming in your pond, the critters that do have to have fairly clean and aerated water. Waterfalls add air to the water by churning and flowing down the falls into the pond. They also filter the water in natural and artificial ways, depending on the setup.

These water features have pumps as well. Pumps can fail or be calibrated incorrectly with the design. When the plumbing leaving the pump is damaged, leaks can occur. Depending on the design of your falls, you may have a terrible time finding where the leak is originating.

Plant overgrowth can cause strain on pumps and other parts of your pond. You’ll need to maintain the plant level to keep the chemistry and physical features of the pond optimal.

Ponds aren’t clear like pools are. You can have some major issues hidden by a couple feet of water in some ponds. When you hop in to check it out, often you can muddy the water even more.

Cracks in the waterfall or pond can cause some real problems. If you don’t fix them correctly, they can look awful and even make the issues worse.

If you are concerned that fixing your backyard waterfall is going to be over your head and out of your expertise, call the experts.