Artificial Waterfall Repair


Caribbean Dreams Landscapes has repaired and re-colored countless artificial waterfalls over the years. Artificial waterfalls refer to a man made feature constructed of rebar and concrete. Although we have encountered many of these features that are built incorrectly or with sub-par materials. We have seen plenty waterfalls that are built with chicken wire for rebar and a mortar mixture only 1/2 an inch thick. These features may look beautiful at first, but quickly deteriorate. Shoddy construction isn’t the only reason we repair artificial waterfalls. Cracking from natural wear and tear, settling, and tree root damage, as well as color and texture fading are other reasons for repairing an artificial water feature.

Many artificial waterfalls, whether they’re built correctly or not, turn out looking more like a pile of concrete than a natural rock formation. If this sounds like something you have in your yard, you have a couple options. First, if the feature was built somewhat correctly and the main structural support is good, we can repair any cracks, re-texture, re-color, and seal the surface. Our process with waterproof your waterfall and make it look more attractive and natural looking. If the feature is in really bad shape, often the best option is to remove the old feature and start new. We specialize and prefer building natural rock waterfalls, but we will ultimately build whatever you decide on.

If you have a waterfall that was constructed for you and has never worked properly, or does not look like what you envisioned, and your contractor refuses to fix it, give us a call. We will come out and take a look at your feature and advise you on the best course of action, even if it does not involve us doing any work. If you decide to hire us, you will be re-assured of your decision with the fact that we are licensed, insured, and guarantee our work!

If your artificial waterfall is going into a swimming pool, you have most likely run into some problems with your feature. Typically these waterfalls are built using rebar as a skeleton, covered with metal lathe or chicken wire, and then a thick coat of gunnite (a mixture of sand, portland cement, and water) is applied. The problem with this very common method of construction is that the metal lathe prevents the gunnite from encasing the rebar as it should have. For the rebar to be effective it needs to be in the center of the gunnite, not at the edge. This weakens the structure and eventually the surface cracks, exposing the rebar to water which will start to deteriorate and eventually break. If any of the artificial rocks are below the water line in the pool, the rebar is constantly submerged and will rust very quickly. This will affect the over all integrity of the water feature, but you will also start seeing rust streaks appearing down the side of your pool. This is a big headache because it usually means draining the pool and trying to clean off the rust, but in many cases means re-finishing the pool interior.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, CALL US TODAY! We can find a solution for you.


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